Lodi Marsh Segment

Tman and Bernard at the Lodi Marsh
Trail Difficulty: Moderate
Length Hiked: I hiked 7 miles
Unusual Features: Hiking through the town of Lodi
Hike Description: We started out near Lodi High School where we crossed a big trail bridge then when up a hill.  We left the grassy area and headed into some woods, coming out at a Lodi Park. We hiked through Lodi and went along a creek in the Veteran’s park.  Eventually we headed out of town and crossed some Lodi Canning Company Land. Then we hike uphill through some woods for a long time until we reached the top.  On the top of the hill we reached a big grassy hill with good view.  We then reached a field where we hiked down to the trailhead.  After the Trailhead, we actually hiked near the Marsh, then through an Oak Savannah.  We ascended a hill then hiked along the ridge during the loop section. Pretty soon we looped around to the bottom of the ridge and hiked back to the trailhead.
Date(s) Hiked: April, 2012 with Bernard Gallenberg, May, 2016 with Robert Chiesa
Tman’s Additional Comment: This should really be called the Lodi Bluff Segment because you are mostly hiking up on top of a big bluff