West Mail Road to Gordon Dam Side Trail

Trail Difficulty: Easy.  It’s pretty much totally flat
Length Hiked: I did 5 miles total. 2.5 miles out and back
Unusual Features: Historic Cabin
Hike Description: I started out hiking from West Mail Road and immediately crossed the Moose River. The trail goes along the St Croix River where you reach the Scott Rapids Campsite in less than a 1/4 mile.  After the campsite, the trail goes inland away from the river, then heads back to the river on a series of boardwalks. Eventually you reach the site of a historic cabin along the river, which you can go inside and look around. Then the trail veers away from the river again for a while, then heads back to the river where there is a picnic spot. Then the trail heads away from the river through the scrubby pines to meet up with the Gordon Dam Side Trail. Gordon Dam County Park, which offers camping, is .6 miles down that trail. I just turned around and hiked back to my car on West Mail Road.
Tman’s Additional Comment: This would make a nice hike and bike from Gordon Dam County Park. Lock up your bike down at West Mail Road, then hike from Gordon Dam County Park to West Mail Road and ride your bike back on the low traffic paved roads
Date Hiked: October, 2016
Photos of this Hike: West Mail Road to Gordon Dam Side Trail Gallery