Other Films

Besides the hour long “Tman’s Ice Age Trail Hikes” I have created several other shorter films using Premeire Pro.  Plus I have several unedited hiking videos that I have posted on you tube.  Here are some of my edited films

A Guy Named Summers, Hiking the Ice Age Trail in the Winter

My talk with Mike Summers, the first person to thru hike the Ice Age Trail during the winter


A Tour of the New 5 Miles of NCT at Copper Falls State Park

I hiked the whole 5 miles of the new section of trail that the Heritage Chapter has been building over the last few years


The Copper Falls Project

A video that explains the Copper Falls Project about building a new section of trail at Copper Falls


Arrowhead Reroute

A film that tells the story of the Arrowhead Reroute, a proposed change to the North Country Trail


Arrowhead Reroute – Short Version

I cut myself out of the longer version to create the short version which could more likely be viewed by lawmakers who have limited time.


How to Get Started Snowshoeing

My first edited film for the Videomaking Class that I took at MATC.  The project was to show people how to do something and just have music, not people speaking.


See many more videos on my Youtube Channel