Cross Plains to Table Bluff

Trail Difficulty: Major Uphill Sections going up from Cross Plains and at
Table Bluff, other than that it’s pretty easy
Length Hiked: 6 miles one way from the Ice Age Trail Office to Table Bluff where
we did the loop on top of the Bluff
Unusual Features: The Rock Formations at Table Bluff
Hike Description: We hiked about 6 blocks in Cross Plains the reached the Hickory Hill segment that immediately went up a hill to an overlook.  Then we hiked along the hill to a newly restored Oak Savanah, and reached a big field on top of Hickory Hill. Then we went down into some woods in a valley, then back on top of the hill.  We returned to Cross Plains using a different route.  Then it is a road walk out to Table Bluff where we hiked the new loop on top of the hill.
Date Hiked: March, 2012 with Bernard Gallenberg

Tman’s Additional Comment: Table Bluff is always a great hike, but watch out for the Alligator
For Photos of this Hike:  Cross Plains to Table Bluff Gallery