Verona to Hwy PD

Trail Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Length Hiked: 3 miles one way from the Ice Age Junction Area Trailhead to the Military Ridge Trail Trailhead
Unusual Features: Major Grassland area
Hike Description:  I hiked south from the Ice Age Junction Area Trailhead. The trail goes through a big grassland area on top of a hill.  Then the trail goes down through some woods and comes out near the Reddan Soccer Complex.  You hike through the grasslands next to the soccer fields until you reach Cross Country Road.  Once you cross the Road, you are in Badger Prairie County Park.  You hike up a hill through more grasslands towards a cylinder styled water tower.  On the other side of the tower you reach a Thru Hiker Campsite, Picnic Shelter and Rest Rooms.  Down hill from that you join a paved bike path that goes under Main Street using a tunnel. Shortly after that you reach the Military Ridge Trail parking lot.  I hopped on my bike and pedaled back to the Ice Age Junction Area Trailhead using a paved bike trail that is to the east of the segment I just hiked.
Date(s) Hiked: March, 2012 by myself and June, 2016 with the Dane County HikeAthon
Tman’s Additional Comment: Nice Bike and Hike opportunity because the paved bike trail brings you back to the trailhead. In 2017, a trail bridge will be constructed for both bicycles and the Ice Age Trail over Hwy PD.  So, will change the area around Hwy PD.
Food Near the Trail: Culver’s, Pizza Ranch, And Dairy Queen in Verona.
Food and Brew: Mr Brews Taphouse in Verona
Photos of this Hike:  Hwy PD to Verona Photo Gallery